Producer Prices in December – Energy Increases Push Prices Up

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Producer Price Indexes (PPI) for December. Producer prices for finished goods rose 0.4% in December on the strength of energy prices which rose 1.6% in December from November. Energy prices have been the main driver of overall prices in 2013. In December increases in energy and core prices (excluding food and energy) were partially offset by declines in food prices.

blog ppi 2014_01_1

Softwood lumber prices softened after increasing through the second half of 2013. OSB prices continued their descent, although at a slower pace than earlier in the year.

Gypsum prices edged up in December finishing the year about where they started. Average gypsum prices in 2013 were 16.6% above 2012 levels, which were 14.1% above 2011 levels.

blog ppi 2014_01_2


5 Responses to Producer Prices in December – Energy Increases Push Prices Up

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  2. […] The December report indicated producer prices up 1.6%, with gypsum prices up only slightly for the month but up almost 17% on average from typical 2012 prices […]

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  4. […] That said, there are other headwinds affecting home builders that can produce a start-and-stop monthly impact on the otherwise improving trend for home construction. These factors include access to labor and developed lots, as well as recent increases in building material prices. […]

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